Stamp and PIC Links

Some links of interest to microcontroller enthusists.

bulletAWC Electronics, our home page; check out the ASP-II solderless prototyping system for Basic Stamps, the APP-I PIC programmers, general purpose coprocessors (floating point math and I/O), our FREE Basic Stamp I emulator for Windows, and macros to help you use the Parallax SX Key
bulletParallax, maker of Basic Stamps, and the SX Key
bulletSXTech is the Parallax site dedicated to the SX and home of my free tutorials on SX programming.
bulletMicrochip, maker of PICs
bulletScenix Semiconductors - a 50MIPS PIC-compatible processor
bulletMicroMint, makes the PIC Stic which is a PIC in the same package as a Basic Stamp (sort of) along with a regulator and clock
bulletWD5GNR, the Al Williams Ham Radio page, which has construction tips, Stamp tips, and the famous Basic Stamp Project of the Month
bulletScott Edwards Electronics, makes LCD backpacks and other neat Stamp stuff
bulletMyke Predko has a good book on PIC programming and lots of info on his page
bulletBob Blick has some interesting Stamp projects (What happened to his page?)
bulletDon Lancaster has a very interesting PIC page with many article reprints and what seems like a million links
bulletNuts and Volts is one of the best magazines for Stamp programmers
bulletDavid Tait only occasionally updates his page, but it remains one of the best organzied list of PIC links (good place to find links to C compilers, etc.)
bulletAlexey Vladimirov has a more up to date page of many PIC resources (another good place to find tools).
bulletmicroEngineering Labs makes a great Basic Compiler (I only have the Pro version; it is excellent) and some other PIC-related items
bulletBeau Schwabe and I usually race to see who can answer questions on the Stamp List first! I think Beau usually wins...
bulletRonald Nollet distributes Parallax and other products in Australia
bulletDon McKenzie, another gent from Oz, has DonTronics, and is well-known to the Stamp and PIC community
bulletWirz is the US distributor for Don McKenzie's products, including the SIMM Stick
bulletMatt Parnell has plans for his weather monitoring station on line. What a great use for a Stamp.
bulletPavel Baranov has a great C compiler (PIC/Scenix), a code generator, a multitasking core, and his robot here.
bulletTelesystems has projects and a PIC programmer for sale.
bulletRentron has PIC projects, Stamp projects, 8051 projects, and remote control projects. Check them out.
bulletShaun Wilson  Basic Stamp info and projects (including a model rocket altimeter using the AWC PAK-II)
bulletProgrammer's Heaven  is a site with lots of programming links/files including some embedded systems info.
bulletHillware  has an IDE for PicBasic and other PIC-related software.

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